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ECS Committee and Section Representatives

This page gives details of how to contact, and who are, your section representatives and members of the ECS committee.

You can find the ECS diary showing the programme of rehearsals and events scheduled for this term and, as far as is planned in the future in the Members' Diary

You can find information on the music to be performed at the next and subsequent concerts on the Members' Notice Board

.....together with other choir news past, present and future.

A group of Eltham Choral Society     
men during a sectional rehearsal

Committee member
(Date Elected)
Post & ResponsibilitiesPhoto
Rod Tutt

(AGM 2016)

Chair and Programme Consultant
Fiona Gardiner

AGM 2017

Vice-Chair, Secretary & Publicity Co-ordinator committee member
John King

Ex Officio

Webmaster committee member
Martin North

AGM 2017

Data Controller and Meetings Secretarycommittee member
Sue Quirk

Dec 2016

Publicity and Concert Catering Managercommittee member
Jill Pollock

AGM 2018

Concert Manager and Social Media Administratorcommittee member

The choir is managed by a committee elected from the membership. Committee members are also trustees of the registered charity. The present committee is listed here.

David Williams

Dec 2016

Treasurer committee member
Maggie Watson

AGM 2017

Assistant Treasurer committee member
Valerie Seaton

AGM 2015

Librarian and Assistant Social Secretarycommittee member
Chris Savage

Dec 2016

Programme Co-ordinator, Posters, Programmes etccommittee member
Sheila Thompson

Jan 2016

Membership Secretary
committee member
SopranosJoanne Marshman

committee member
AltosThomas Bridges

committee member
TenorsHenriette Raison

committee member
BassesMario Pinto

committee member

Section Reps. provide an important link between members of E.C.S. and the Committee. They are volunteers who do not require election. Their role includes liaising with the committee in matters concerning their Section and welcoming and supporting new members to the Society

Check here for the Society's
Guidance notes for Section Representatives



The society has a named person in respect of safeguarding who is the principal person children should turn to if they have any concerns or queries.
NAMED PERSON: Clodagh email:

For further infomation see our membership information page